The journey through education as a child is a life-shaping experience, one which is unique to each and every one of us, and now as parents we are on the journey once again, only this time we’re stood on the other side of the school gate.

Over the last thirty years, we’ve found that parents often consider private education as a result of experiences and learnings, and the milestones, characters, personal challenges and talents of their children; whether this be at year one, seven, nine or twelve (and exceptionally every year in between).

Every family is unique, but we’ve found whilst on our journey working with schools and parents that there are always shared concerns, challenges, hopes and dreams.

In response to this we’ve created our talk, “Private Education, Shall I?”, sharing with you our knowledge and experience, and the learnings of parents and schools from within the sector.

The journey through private education can be long and varied, short and considered, and results in resounding benefits, but it can also be testing financially, and a balancing act when interacting with other aspects of life.

We want to help you navigate all these factors by providing key insight on topics from school fees, scholarships and bursaries, to league tables, diversity, curriculum, industry jargon, admission processes, entrance exams – and much more.

Ensure you make an informed decision for you and your family – book your place today on “Private Education, Shall I?”.