In a child’s journey through education there are many entry points when considering the right age to seek admission to a private school. Many circumstances play a big part in making this decision.

You may have one child, you may have five, you may be planning a further two. You may be married, separated, divorced, a step-parent, a single parent, etc. There are many matters to be considered, and we believe we have encountered them all.

Finance is often the key concern when considering private education. Entering a child too early, and not being able to sustain the financial commitment can have significant consequences. It is a burden carried by the whole family – one which can even lead to the breakdown of relationships.

We have assisted families with children entering private education during the main entry points but also every year in between. But as parents, it’s not just the age of entry we need to consider, it’s the age of exit and the length of the journey too. We haven’t met one parent along the way who has taken the decision to remove their child from private school lightly – especially if this hasn’t been expected or planned for.

There are many benefits, but also some challenges when it comes to private education. Working alongside families as they make these decisions can at times be emotional and the statement “if only we knew” can often arise. This has driven us to create our talk, “Private Education, Shall I?”. We think it’s important to ask the big questions, share our insight and pass forward our experiences. Why not book a place today?