About Us

“Private Education, Shall I?” – a question asked by many parents, and not one which can easily be answered by a search engine, but it’s a conversation we’ve had with parents for decades, and one which has allowed us to positively impact the lives of thousands.

Often, we see parents making decisions about the schools and the future education of their children with limited education sector knowledge, due to no fault of their own, and we want to change this.

Over the last 30 years, PESI has lived and breathed in the education sector, and has become the trusted independent adviser to parents and schools alike.

  • We have advised schools across the UK.
  • We have advised over a thousand parents.
  • We have advised business owners and their staff.
  • We understand as we ourselves are parents, with children who are at, or who have passed through private and state schools
  • We have witnessed first-hand the anguish felt by parents in situations where the heart can so easily rule the mind, leading to regrets, or where opportunities have been missed as they seemed beyond reach. With the right early advice, anguish could have been avoided and opportunities could have been grasped. We help parents make the right and realistic choices for their children and their families.
  • We provide reputedly the best, most appropriate, confidential and impartial advice needed by families, as they embark upon, or whilst they travel through the school years.

With the right education, our children have the best chances to flourish, become fulfilled and have happier lives. Isn’t this what we all want for our children? It’s our aim at PESI to pass forward a lifetime of relevant knowledge, learning and experiences to families so they do not have to learn by costly trial and error.

We want to ensure parents make informed judgements at crucial times during their child’s education.  

PESI has proven to be the helping hand over decades, chosen by parents on their journey through education. Why not choose us too?