We provide interesting, informative, relevant, cost-effective, one to one consultancies, about the pros and cons of private and state options for children’s education, and the associated impact on families.

We can also advise and assist families who already have a child or children at private schools but have encountered an unforeseen significant problem and need guidance to navigate through the difficulty.

Often those who attend our generic talks, or direct referrals, are keen to explore a one to one consultancy. They can use the knowledge they have gained, and apply this to their specific circumstances, all under the expert guidance of one of our specialist consultants. We will ensure we understand what your concerns, needs, hopes and aspirations are, and then set out key relevant matters and potential solutions to ensure you have the best chance of fulfilling your goals and avoiding the many costly pitfalls suffered by others. You would always take legal or accountancy or tax advice as appropriate. Why would you not take advice that would benefit your child and your family, potentially for generations? 

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